God made you with specific intention, and it is our desire to assist you in creating specific art. 
- specific [spi-sif-ik] "having a special application, bearing, or reference..."

In the dance track we want to emphasize you as an artist interacting with the Giver of creativity, we want to assist you in becoming the dancer that God has created you to be. 

In our classes you will share the floor with amazing teachers and fellow dancers, you will learn new dynamics and will be challenged to find a new edge in your movement. Together we will explore the creative process and find out more about who God has made us as humans and as artists. 

We look forward to sharing and moving with you! 


Tell your siblings and your friends we are hoping to launch an introductory level for the dance track! To make this happen we need at least 5 campers who are excited about exploring dance but just haven't had the opportunity to register by June 9th.

These campers will be diving into multiple styles and techniques while also learning about the choreographic process. They will not be required to take the placement class, but will be required to come ready to learn with good attitudes!

We are SO excited and ready to make room for more artists and we look forward to learning together! If you have any questions feel free to email Sarah at emailsarahblack@gmail.com.


Beginner Level is not required to dance at the audition but is required to be there for orientation. Please arrive early enough on Monday to check-in/register and be ready for evaluation class on the main stage at 3:30.

* Please do not be anxious about this class. We simply want to get to know you and better understand which level to place you in. 



  • Wear appropriate shoes for class: jazz, ballet, footies, tennis shoes.
  • Leotards must be worn during class. Midriff exposure is not allowed.
  • If wearing shorts please wear bikers underneath. Bikers must be at least 5 inches.
  • Tank tops will be allowed but cleavage will not. 

* Please be mindful of your attire before coming to class. If you are out of dress code you will be pulled aside and asked to change. We love you and want our attention to be on your art and not distracted from it.



Ladies please bring a black leotard and black leggings. Gentlemen please bring black joggers or sweats and a fitted black tank top. Everyone bring light grey/light blue clothing you have that we might be able to use as additional costuming. This can include tops, pants, skirts, undershirts, scarves or anything else you have that seems fitting. 

If you have any further questions you can email Sarah at emailsarahblack@gmail.com.

The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.
— Mata Hari


My name is Sarah and I love to share movement and share life. I currently reside in Denton TX where we consume lots of coffee and work to keep life authentic. I teach movement to humans of all ages at A Time To Dance Studio and get to do lots of other fun projects during the year. I love to travel, love to dance when I travel, and I love learning from all my students. ArtLife has a special place in my heart because my art has developed around the concepts that I have learned at ArtLife. I can't wait to get there and share with you what we as teachers have learned this past year. See you there!


DANCE TRACK Teacher - Jeanna Vance

Introducing our 2017 Artist In Residence - Jeanna Vance! We are thrilled to have this fierce woman joining us this year. Jeanna is the Artistic Director of Open Sky Arts Collective, tours with Dance Revolution dance convention, and teaches throughout the Houston area. She has a beautiful way of unlocking creativity and encouraging joy everywhere she goes. It is a huge privilege and will be an encounter you won't want to miss!



Hi, my name is Shannon. I grew up dancing at a large christian dance studio in Houston, Texas. After graduating high school I went on to study ballet and modern at Kilgore college in East Texas. I then left the piney woods to tour with Dance Revolution as a trainee, where I had the privilege of training with some of, what I believe to be, some of the most passionate and talented teachers in the country. However my greatest privilege in dance has been to start a dance program at a school in the mountains of Honduras. The goal of the dance program at Jardin De Gracia is to enable young, "at-risk" girls with the confidence they need to survive and thrive in their environment. And My hope for this year in the dance track at ArtLife is that we would all grow in our confidence as the movers He has created us to be! I am excited for this year and can't wait to move with all of you wonderful souls! See you soon!



Hey friends, my name is Princess Grant and I have received the blessing to be a teacher in the dance track. I will be graduating from the Houston Ballet Academy, having spent five years under their training and completing the program at level eight. My next aspiration is to earn a BFA in the field of dance while receiving an education. My purpose in dancing is to give back to the artistic industry while being a positive representation of my beliefs. While I attended ArtLife for several years as a student, there was a four year gap when I attended Joffery NY Ballet School and Houston Ballet's summer intensives. Being able to return to such an uplifting, nostalgic, and inspiring camp as a teacher is truly a blessing. I pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom and ability to positively influence and demonstrate His love to all the campers!