Drama is a great many things!

It is an opportunity to tell a story and change a life.
It is an opportunity to fill the room with laughter and tears.
It is an opportunity to move with intention and determination.
It is an opportunity to live in another man’s shoes and to speak another man’s words.
It is an opportunity to open eyes to a new possibility, a new way of thinking, a new perspective.
It is an opportunity to heal an old wound or spark a new love.
It is an opportunity to live out that which we only dare to whisper in our dreams.
It is an opportunity to explore all other opportunities that have been placed before everyone who has come before us.



  • Bring jeans one plain black shirt with no logos.
  • Each drama student needs to bring their own eyeliner and mascara.

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.
— Oscar Wilde

Drama Track Leader - Liz Curry

Passionate. Adventurous. Energetic (to say the least). I laugh loud, smile big, and dream even bigger. I am thrilled to be leading the Drama Track this year and cannot wait to see what God has for us.  I love the stage. I love seeing stories come to life and my team is preparing to tell an epic story of faith through the art of drama. (We are so excited…squeak!) I’ve taught everything from baby ballet classes to kids drama and right now you can find me in Fort Worth, Texas heading up photo shoots for Pier 1 Imports.  But my heart is called to work with the youth of our world – witnessing their spark, nurturing their talent, and growing together in faith.  I was blessed when I stumbled across ArtLife and this wonderful community forever changed my life. God is faithful!

Caitlyn Kennedy Headshot.PNG

Drama Track Teacher - Caitlyn Kennedy

Howdy Friends! I am a coffee drinkin’, Disney lovin’, puppy kissin’, college kid and a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2018. I am currently an English major with plans to graduate in December and pursue a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology in the Dallas area. Drama has always played a part in my life from High School Theatre to church productions and continues to be something I hold dear to my heart. As a former ArtLife camper I have gotten the privilege to see worship take so many beautiful art forms and I am always blown away by the impact each form possesses. For me, ArtLife is where I experienced true worship come to life and I want to be a part of equipping young Christian’s to do the same.



What to say about me?  I’m a blogger, coffee junkie, and author from Midlothian, TX.  This December I published my first book, A Rebel’s Religion and am on the Editorial Advisory Board for URBANwell Magazine here in Ellis County. I am also the founder of Vagabond Ministries, a ministry group that travels around the state organizing small group retreats, camps, worship experiences, and outreach events. My passion is simply for those who have never experienced true, one way, no expectations, love; to know that they are treasured beyond comprehension by a God who makes beautiful things from dust. I seek to create spaces where people can just be and know that whoever that being is, is enough. That's what Jesus was about so that's what I'm about.



I believe art brings about unity in community and art is the expression of our experience in this life. I am dearly blessed to have been given the opportunity to be exposed to many art forms and I have grown to appreciate all of them. My favorite aspect of art is that each person experiences something different; what you see, feel, or take with you is entirely unique and personal. On the other hand, two people with completely different backgrounds could share a similar sentiment about a piece of art. This is the beauty of art and it is the miracle of God’s grace.

"The artist, like the God of creation, remains within or behind or beyond or above his handiwork, invisible, refined out of existence, and indifferent." – James Joyce


Drama Track Teacher - Elaine Stember

Ms. Elaine, as she is affectionately called by the hundreds of children (now adults) she has worked with for 3 decades, will be bringing an entirely new aspect to our Drama Track this year. We have lost count on how many church productions Elaine has sewn and “hot glued” for through the years. Countless costumes have been created with no more than a thought or idea expressed… Ms. Elaine can whip it out! She is a treasure with a servant’s heart and creative bent. We are thankful to add her to our Drama Track Teaching Team and know she will bring all of the “finishing touches” to this year’s production. We Love You Ms. Elaine!


Drama Track Teacher - Katie Sharp

Katie Sharp is a former theatre student who loves the chance to dabble in the art and creativity whenever she can! She is a Houston Cougar Alumni and currently works in accounting in H-Town. She is also happily married with a cute terrier puppy child! She loves giving the opportunity to children to grow in their creative gifts and learn more about who God has called them to be. She is so excited and thankful to be apart of ArtLife this year and to be working with such an awesome team!