Material arts track is a great place for a visual artist to grow in their medium and find fresh inspiration to try new things. 

We will be working through a variety of classes that will stretch your creative expression and your fundamental skill set. Some of the classes offered include spray-paint and urban art, symbolism in art, mixed media canvas work, learning to draw the human hand, and henna tattooing. The possibilities are endless in this particular form of expression and we love journeying together as a community of artists. 

If you enjoy painting, drawing, photography, or anything like it, this is where you wanna be! We look forward to seeing you there and exploring your God-given creativity!



  • Clothes that can get messy.
  • Personal Camera if you have one.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

— Michelangelo


Hey guys, Dan Black here.  I've been painting in aerosol since late 2007 and began watercolor and acrylic brush study in 2010. My wife, Sarah, and I currently live in Denton, TX, where I'm continuing my work as a painter and muralist. I love ArtLife because of the environment for new discovery it carries - discovery of ourselves, our God, the world around us, and the process of creation God gave us. I hope I get to see you in the Material Arts Track!


Material Arts Track Teacher - Dana Huber

Hey folks, I'm super excited to hang out with y'all in the material arts room again! I love chai, henna, peacocks, and spicy food. I'm no expert, but I hope to inspire you to try new and different things as I am inspired by others to do the same. Let's have some fun!