Media Track is all about capturing stories.  It’s about learning to see a world hidden in plain sight - behind every person, place and thing, God’s story is unfolding.

Photography and Videography are the tools we use!  We’re going to learn all about these tools - from writing/concepts, to framing and composition, to lighting, to optics, to audio, to editing - we’ve got a lot of great lessons and challenging projects to spur your creativity to new heights!  Much of what we’ll be covering also applies to disciplines like animation, writing, and motion graphics.  If you’ve got a passion for digital media and storytelling, Media Track is the place you wanna be!



  • Bring your smartphone/tablet.
  • Personal Digital Camera if you have one.

Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.
— Banksy

Media TRACK leader - MATT BLACK

My name's Matt Black, I currently live in the great city of Denton, TX with my wonderful wife, Krysten.  I graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film production.  Besides that I've dabbled in many media projects over the years ranging from drawing/painting to digital art and video.  I am so looking forward to camp this year, and can't wait to learn and share about the arts, life, and Jesus!



I grew up in Minnesota, but have been in Texas since I started college.  I'm a bit of a techie - I like turning knobs and pushing buttons, and have enjoyed videography ever since a camera was put in my hands many years ago.  Capturing life and the beauty of it is what appeals to me.  I'm excited to experience my first ArtLife!


Media Track Teacher - Jeremy Ottens

Hello! I am Jeremy Ottens. I live in Denton, TX with my lovely wife, Shannon, who teaches in the Dance track. In 2012, I received a BA in Radio, TV, and Film with an emphasis in documentary filmmaking from the University of North Texas. Shannon introduced me to ArtLife last year, and after being an observer, I am excited to jump in headlong this year. I appreciate how welcoming everyone has been thus far and I can’t wait for the encouragement-fest that’s about to happen. Strap on your Steadicams; this is going to be thrilling!