Volunteer/Support Staff Application


Family Group Leader

Must have high degree of interaction with God and others. Must be willing to go the extra mile in taking care of ArtLife campers at a spiritual level. Expected to keep track of your family group throughout the day. Must have been an ArtLife camper in the past. Must have graduated from High school or higher.


Track Support

Will work in conjunction with Track Leaders to provide for a quick response to needs as they arise in the classroom. Make sure campers are accounted for throughout the day. Must have graduated from High School or higher.


Support Staff

Will assist in taking care of serving our campers and staff. This will include, but not limited to: filling water containers, preparing and serving evening snacks, and helping our security detail if needed. Must have graduated from High School or higher.


All positions will still participate in all aspects of camp, such as worship and track times.

* Volunteer/Support Staff will receive a $100 discount. All positions are asked to register at SAGU on Sunday, June 18th for orientation. Time will be announced soon.


If you'd like to volunteer for a Support Staff position click the button below!